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Online HR

Move your HR Admin to the cloud

OnlineHR is a product that provides all your Human Resource Management in one place. 

OnlineHR gives you access to a online system to manage to staff with ease. OnlineHR securely stores the information in the cloud. It is always available and in sync with all your devices. Everyone can access the newest information real-time and everyone stays up to date.

You can optimise your business and be more effecient by managing everything from one place. You can improve your employee wellness by giving them access to a online platform where they can apply for leave and get the newest company documents.

Manage Leave

Provides end-to-end leave management on a digital platform.

Empoyees can apply for any type of leave online. It is quick and easy, no paperwork.

Managers or HR can approve or decline leave online.


Managers or HR can upload documents for clients to download with ease to any device.


Managers or HR can service a digital notice to an employee on the platform. This includes disciplinary hearing notices, warnings, dismissal notices, disciplinary appeals, etc. The employee must accept the notice before they can continue to use the platform and if they employee acknowledges receit of the notice it is recorded and written to a log file with a timestamp.

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