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Client Book

Are you still managing your clients in an Excel sheet?

Migrate your clients to ClientBook today.

ClientBook gives you online user friendly access to your clients. Migrate your clients to the cloud to keep it safe and secure. It is accessible from anywhere on any device that support a browser. All your client info stays in sync with other devices and your  employees.

This is a one stop solution to for all your administration around your clients. It keeps it up to date, can arrange by region or other custom entries such as recently service. Send bulk SMS and emails from the system with a click of a button. It integrates into Google Maps and show you where your clients are located. It allows up to date quick and easy access. Tasks within your company can be managed. Assign one of your employees to a client and they will mark it when they are done with a task.

Increase productivity and manage your resources well. Multiple Excel and Word documents that are shared between employees with different versions and synchronous ed with differeent methods are an inefficient solution compared to having all in one place and everything synchronous .


Get your free trial run and start using ClientBook today. If you are interested drop me an email at

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